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Welcome to, we specialize in Hi-riser cars, or more commonly known as: donks, box, and bubble cars. Whatever your preference may be, you can find it here. The fun thing about this site is, not only can you browse through pictures of sweet donks all day, but you can actually buy one, which makes the experience that much more exciting.

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I've found that I spend a good portion of my day browsing the internet for cool custom cars, it's always fun to see what new and crazy rides people are coming up with next. But is it possible for the average guy, someone who's really into cars but doesn't necessarily know all the mechanics, to actually own a cool, custom vehicle? Donks have really caught my eye, a vehicle that really pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable for a car. These things have some serious customizations, we're talking crazy paint jobs, massive wheels, lots of suspension, and sound systems that could break your neighbor's windows. I think it goes without saying, that these rides can be hard to come by. Our site offers a sleek, refreshing way to browse and buy your first custom donk car, or even donk parts if you're interested in turning your own impala into a sweet custom hi-riser.

Donks, Box, and Bubble Cars

Custom Donk CarsTechnically, they are all classified as Hi-Risers, you know, a car that's raised "high" off the ground... But who really uses that term? The phrases I hear tossed around the most are, "Whoa, check out that donk/box/bubble rider!" and "What's the difference between a box, bubble, and donk car?" While donks can basically describe all three categories, enthusiasts would argue there is a difference. Typically, cars from the mid-70's are referred to as donks, such as the popular Chevy Impala donk. Box hi-risers range from the late 70's to early 90's, the term comes from the square shape of these car's front and rear ends. Popular box cars include most Chevy cars, the Buick Regal, and the Oldsmobile Cutlass. Bubble hi-risers are basically anything newer than the former two. Given the name due to the rounded shape of most Chevy cars in the late 90's and early 2000's, these cars often include the Ford Crown Victoria, Cadillac DeVille, and the Lincoln Town Car. Confused yet? I know I am, that's why I (and most people) just refer to all hi-risers as donks, it just sounds right, wouldn't you agree?
Crazy Donk Cars
Donks may just be the craziest custom cars out there, no other rides push the "traditional" automobile style to the limits like these customs. From the interiors, to the super high lift-kits, to those head-turning paint jobs, these customs can get pretty crazy. That's why we've put together our list of the craziest, most extreme donks we could find, come take a look.

Blingin' Donks

Custom Donk InteriorCustom vehicles are a great way to show what you're all about. And donks are no different, in fact, custom donks are all about showing off. From the culture, to the cars, donks are all about the bling. Considering that they sprung-up from rappers and gangsters in the dirty South, the extravagant nature of these cars starts to make sense. There's just as much gold and chrome on the owners of these cars as there is on the cars themselves! This culture is continuously trying to outdo each other, and as they do, the cars become crazier and crazier. The more gold and chrome, the better. The higher the lift, the bigger the wheels, the better. The louder the audio system, the brighter the paint job, the more intricate the interior… well you get the idea.

All the shiny, custom, high-ridin' donks you can handle are right here. So Look around, we have plenty of stuff to keep you busy for awhile. Whether you're just browsing, or looking to own or customize a sweet donk ride, you can find what you're looking for here. And don't forget about donk accessories and add-ons, take a look at some awesome donk toys, clothing, and just about anything else donk related.
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