Buick Donks

Buick Donk CarIt only makes sense that Buick donks are some of the most popular choices of hi-riser enthusiasts, after all, Buick is a GM brand. General Motors is practically donk royalty when you think about it. Sure we all know that Chevy is a safe bet when building a classic donk, they even get their name from the classic Chevy Impala "donkey" logo. Now consider that Chevy's "siblings" are Buick and Cadillac, it starts to become clear that GM has thins whole donk look down.

The Buick is like a high class Chevy, it has that similar box look with a luxury interior, what's not to love? Popular models include the Riviera and Regal, but all Buicks are great candidates for box and bubble hi-risers. Add a nice audio system some dub wheels, a lift kit and… well you know the drill.

Look below to find customized Buick donk cars for sale, these are the real deal.

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