Donk Rims & Wheels

Donk WheelsIf you want a true, sexy donk, you need to get your priorities straight. Yes, I'm talking about the custom car... stick with me here! Donks don't require much, there's basically three pieces to the puzzle: the lift kit, the audio system, and the wheels. While there are other cool tricks to making that donk look fine, stick with these three rules first. And if worst comes to worst, make the wheels your top priority. You can always have a good looking ride with some big rims and low-profile tires; I can't say the same about a ten-foot skyscraper donk and a set of tiny wheels, get the picture?

Whether you're going with the Dub's, spinners, or some 30+" monsters, we have what you're looking for. Take a look below at our selection of Donk Wheels for sale. And don't forget to pick up some nice low profile tires to compliment those wheels.

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