Crazy Donk Cars

This page is dedicated to the most extreme: only the most custom, the best of the best, or in this case, the craziest. Because donk cars aren't for your grandpa, this is a new generation. This page is for those special donks, the ones that go that extra mile. We're talking cars that push the boundaries, cars with 30" plus wheel diameters, ridiculously loud audio systems, lift kits that make monster trucks jealous, and paint jobs that... well you'll see.

Below is our custom picked list of the craziest donk cars on the net! We'll be adding to it all the time, so check back often. Want in on the action? Email us at with your crazy donk pictures and we'll feature them here, where the craziest donks on the web reside.

The Custom Gatorade Donk Rider

Gatorade Crazy Donk Car

This car is a perfect example to showcase the extreme nature of this class of custom donk. Everything, from the interior to the exterior is custom made to make this vehicle everything but Gatorade's official ride(they wish). I've gotta say, the gator-skin seats are a nice touch and you have to admire the attention to detail with the bar code on the side. Crazy Donk InteriorCrazy Donk Gatorade Car

This style of donk actually seems to have caught on with many donk enthusiasts, making for sort of a "brand name" donk-off! You'll see everything from Cheetos flavored donks, to just about every candy bar inspired hi-riser.

Donk or Carriage?

Surprised there isn't a couple horses pulling this thing and an old guy with a whip up front? You're not alone, with spoke wheels this big it sure resembles an old school horse-drawn carriage. This thing isn't the prettiest ride out there, but you gotta admire those wheels. The tires are so low-profile you can't even see them from the side! I seriously think I would need a ladder to get in this thing, and that's why it's one crazay donk machine, laugh at it or love it, you know you gotta stare. Huge Spoke Rims Donk

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