Donk Videos

Donk cars are somewhat unique, take one look at these crazy rides and you'll see what I mean. Donks are like the gangster child of a lowrider and a monster truck. We all know the two should never have hooked up, but now that we see this crazy car, we can't help but be intrigued...

So whether you like these behemoth, gangster mobiles or not, they're sure worth a look. Here we will gather together the best donk youtube videos we can find. We're talking loud, crazy, and sometimes absurd donk videos; we're not holding any punches. Donk music videos, donk car shows, big donks, humungous donks, donk partys... maybe even some badonka donk (Nicki Minaj donk anyone?) if we're feeling spontaneous. Now I feel like I've just written "donk" the max number of times allowed - of course we're also referring to box cars, bubble cars, and hi-risers. Whatever you call 'em, just watch 'em, take a look below at our selection of donk youtube videos, enjoy.

Orlando Classic Series Car Show

Take a look through the neighborhoods of Orlando during the weekend of the Classic Series car show. Sure you won't be able to understand half the things these people say, but it's the customs we're interested in. There are some serious donks ridin' throughout this video. All the huge and ridiculous wheels and paint jobs you can handle, check it out.

Incredible Hulk Box Hi-Riser

This thing is insane! A fully customized box Chevy Caprice... and I mean fully customized. These guys went all-out, with an amazing paint job, custom wheels, fully custom interior (with an iPad dash!), scissor doors (with lcd screens), I think it's safe to say this thing has it all. These guys carefully leave out the price tag, but maybe that's a good thing...

Donk in the wild

This is for anyone that's ever been cruisin' down the road, only to be startled coming across one of these bad boys, I call it a donk in the wild. Because it's expected that these babies show up at the local car show, but seeing one casually rolling down the road, at a fairly good pace I might add, is truly a sight. Okay, we've all seen one now, you're no-longer a donk virgin... you're welcome.

Chevy Caprice Donk

That's right, this is one bad Chevy Caprice, with a beautiful pant job and banging audio. This is a great video, shot in HD so you can really check out those DUB wheels in all their glory. After the wind at the start of the clip, turn up the audio and enjoy the ride.

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